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Special Exhibition: Illusions

Celebrating the Art of Argentina

Artist Sussan Sanavandi was born in Bandar Anzali, a city on the Caspian coast of Iran. She was raised in Tehran where she trained in Persian traditional painting (Miniature) with restoration miniature painting masters. Later she studied painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma before she immigrated to the United States. She currently lives in Charleston, SC.

Sussan's paintings are best described as an aesthetic composition of color and richness of life. Her paintings search into a complex world of language, aesthetic shapes, and identity. She then represents her searches by making discoveries that dance in forms and colors. Sussan describes her current works as epic representations of tango.

Guest artist William Hudson Temples grew up drawing pictures and cartoons. In 1987, he began formal art training at the Savannah College of Art and Design and in 1991 was awarded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in illustration. Temples also holds a Master's Degree in Health Science from the University of North Carolina. Currently, Temples is occupied in the field of education and fine art. He divides his time between North and South America, and much of his artwork reflects the cultural influences of his wife's native country, Argentina.

In this exhibition, W. Hudson Temples presents four designs incorporating the spiraling Acanthus. They reference the most recent manifestation of this ancient ornament, the Argentinean variant known as Fileteado. Temples traveled to Buenos Aires in 2013 to document, in photos and sketches, the works of master Fileteadores such as Luis Zorz, and brothers, Alfredo y Enrique Brunetti. These paintings represent artist’s unique interpretations of Filetiado, derived from a thorough study of the art form.


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